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# metalsmith-code-line-numbers Add line numbers to code blocks à la [HighlightJS]( ## Usage The following styles must be injected into the page for line numbers to be visible: ```css .hljs-ln { border-collapse: collapse; } .hljs-ln-n:before { content: attr(data-line-number); } ``` Line numbers may further be styled by targeting the `hljs-ln-numbers` class. ## Configuration By default, only `<code>` elements wrapped by `<pre>` tags will be modified. You can override the target selector by passing a `selector` option in the plugin's config object, e.g. `{ selector: 'code' }` (This will add line numbers to all code elements, including in-line ones). ## Using with `metalsmith-dom-transform` If you're already using [metalsmith-dom-transform](, you can save a little bit of overhead by accessing the line-numbering transform directly: ```js const domTransform = require('metalsmith-dom-transform'); const codeLineNumbersTransform = require('metalsmith-code-line-numbers/transform'); metalsmith.use(domTransform({ transforms: [ codeLineNumbersTransform(options), // Other transforms ] })); ```