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<div align="center"> <h1>Auto Dark Mode</h1> <p>Dark Mode support for Atom on all major platforms</p> <a href=> <img src=> </a> <a href=> <img src=> </a> <a href=> <img src=> </a> <br> <br> <br> </div> ![Automatic theme switching]( Auto Dark Mode automatically toggles between a light and dark theme of your choice, depending on the currently active system appearance setting. Automatic theme switching is **supported on all major platforms that feature a dark mode** (e.g. macOS since Mojave, Windows since 10, and Ubuntu since 20.04). ## Installation Search for `auto-dark-mode` in `Settings View: Install Packages and Themes` or: ``` $ apm install auto-dark-mode ``` You can switch themes manually using `` ctrl + ` `` or choosing `Dark Mode: Toggle theme` in the command palette. ## Configuration Add your preferred light and dark UI and syntax themes as shown in settings, or in `config.cson`. ## Contributing Pull requests are welcome! Be sure to also update the [changelog]( ## License This project is licensed under the permissive [ISC license]( ## Attributions Auto Dark Mode is inspired by [Exelord/dark-mode](